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Frequently Asked Questions

Your e-mail password is unable to be changed or given out online.  You will need to call our office for all e-mail password needs.

If you have one of our routers, you will be able to call for your password. If not, we can guide you through finding it on your own!

We do! We allow you to suspend your service for up to 4 months for $10/month.  You must be a customer for one year to utilize this.

Absolutely! If you refer a friend you will receive a free month’s service upon their 3rd month or contract fulfillment.

No, we charge one flat rate for your household.

Yes, our wireless connection is secure.

Here at Yellowknife we offer four different types of packages to accommodate your needs. Please visit our Pricing Page for more details, or please feel free to call our office and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

The first thing you will want to check is that your cables are all plugged in tight and you want to verify your equipment has power. The POE is the first thing you want to reboot. It is the first device the cable plugs into as it comes through the wall. You will also want to reboot your router if you have one, by unplugging the power cord waiting a couple seconds and plugging it back in.  You can also restart your computer.

No weather does not affect your equipment you should be online in rain, snow and wind.

You will need to open your e-mail program on your computer.  You might have outlook express or windows live mail.  You will then follow the instructions below and enter the following IMAP server information when prompted.

Incoming server info:, Port 143

Outgoing server info:, Port 587

Outgoing server does require authentication