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Yellowknife service doesn’t end with internet and phone! We can help you with various connectivity issues as well as the option for remote connections for a more hands-on approach. The knowledgeable staff at Yellowknife Wireless is available Mon – Fri from 8a.m. to 5p.m. for support with technical issues related to our service and reporting of outages. Browse the options below and see if we can help.

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You will receive invoicing at the email address you enter on your contract. Once your account is set up, an email will be sent welcoming you to Yellowknife. Following that, your first invoice will be generated and sent out, showing the pro-rated amount for your first month of service.

Remember that the preferred method for invoicing is through email. Yellowknife can produce and send out a paper invoice, however there is a $3/month fee. Call our office for more information

Monthly invoices are automatically generated and sent out at midnight on the first of each month. Invoices for bandwidth overages from the previous month are generated and sent out between the 2nd and the 5th of each month.

Payment is due 15 days after the invoice date.

Yes! Our AutoPay feature allows the selection of the 1st or the 15th to process the current amount owed. Please call our office to set up: 541-385-0111

You can also set up bill pay with most banks.

Some may not immediately see any indicator that an email was sent or not get one at all. The first thing to remember is to continue to pay your bill!

Since Yellowknife bills via email, we realize there may be certain complications with that. Use the following to check where your YKWC invoicing is going.

  1. Check your spam/junk folder for recent emails. If the invoice appears in either of those folders, make sure to add and to your contact list.
  2. If you are still not receiving your emailed invoices, please call our office to verify the address we have recorded for your email.
  3. Multiple email adresses are welcome. If you would like to receive your invoicing at more than one destination, we can add them to your account. Give us a call!
  4. If you change your email address please make sure to call our office to update your information.


When assuming a home where Yellowknife is installed; please call our office to activate the service, pay a transfer fee, and sign a contract. This fee allows us to process your new contract and any incidental paperwork for other services such as E911. If you have any questions or concerns about taking over existing Yellowknife services, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.


Our wireless Internet plans include a monthly bandwidth limit. You are responsible for moderating your usage to stay within your monthly plan. You can refer to our website to see your usage. If you exceed your monthly limit, you will be billed at a rate of .28¢/GB. If you have questions or concerns about your usage, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.


Yellowknife requires cancellations to be submitted in writing. Cancellations are only accepted from the account holder, or pre-authorized representatives on behalf of the account holder. This policy protects both our customers and Yellowknife from unauthorized changes. If an account is canceled within the active term of its service contract, the customer will be billed for the full remaining term of the contract. If you have questions or concerns about cancellation, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.


Once you are outside of your contract term, we allow you to suspend for up to two times per year. You are eligible to suspend your service for up to four months per year. We will suspend your service for $10 per month (our monthly maintenance fee for your on-site outdoor radio equipment). If you wish to suspend for more than four months per year, you will be required to pay full price for the remaining months. For special events or other unique scenarios, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.


If you are under contract, Yellowknife will move your service to a new address without fulfilment of your original contract obligation. The installation cost for all moves is the same as a new installation. We will only move you at normal cost up to two times in one year. If you move a third time in the same year, you have the option to pay for full equipment and installation charges, or pay out your contract in full. If you have any questions or concerns about our “Move” policy, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.

Annual Bill

Yellowknife provides a steep discount to buyers who pay for one year at a time. Our yearly fee provides a 2 month discount. That is, pay for 10, and get 12 months of service! This may be combined with other offerings such as the “Snowbird” policy. If you want to make a yearly payment, we’d be happy to help out. Just call our office.

  • 1st of each month: Monthly invoices are generated and delivered
  • 5th of each month: Previous month’s bandwidth overage invoice is generated and delivered.
  • 16th of each month: Monthly invoices due
  • 21st of each month: Overage invoices due
  • If no payment has been received within 45 days of invoice date: Suspension of service may occur with a reconnect fee.