Great Speeds

Speedtests up to 30mbps

Low Latency

Video gamers rejoice!

Modern Infrastructure

Combining the latest in fiber optics with RF technology

In-house Tech Support

In-house and ready to help

Our services

Yellowknife Wireless Company is a Central Oregon wireless communications provider, focused on broadband Internet access for home and business. Yellowknife was created to fill the need for high speed Internet service in Central Oregon where traditional Internet services fail.

Wireless Internet

We are not an ordinary Internet provider. Our Internet service is transmitted via wireless Radio Frequency waves to your household or business where it is received by an outdoor antenna. Our service is delivered via industry-standard ethernet cable.

Phone Service

Why pay expensive traditional phone bills when you can have the same services you have now delivered by Yellowknife Wireless? You can save hundreds per year by switching to Yellowknife.

Web Hosting

Give yourself a professional advantage by owning your own Domain Name. Your email address always stays the same and visitors to your web site know exactly how you can serve them.


24/7/365 unescorted facility access with your own badge scan.


Founded in 2005 in Bend Oregon, Yellowknife’s team has over 60 years of combined experience in the communications and wireless technology arenas.

  Gbps Upstream Link
  Mb of burst speed
  Hour Outage Reporting