Yellowknife Wireless Company is a Central Oregon wireless communications provider, focused on broadband Internet access for home and business. Yellowknife was created to fill the need for high speed Internet service in Central Oregon where traditional Internet services fail.


     We are not an ordinary Internet provider. Our Internet service is transmitted via wireless Radio Frequency waves to your household or business  where it is received by an outdoor antenna.  Our service is delivered via industry-standard ethernet cable. Our installers work with you to make aesthetics and convenience a priority. Inside, we install a power supply which powers the roof equipment and passes the Internet signal through its port. At that point, any router, firewall or switch can be used to split the signal for use throughout the house or business. While the signal is wireless, our service emulates the speed and reliability of a broadband connection.  Don’t forget our local in-house tech support, as well as after-hours outage reporting.    SIGN UP NOW!


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