Yellow AP Guidelines

High Power for high demand

Yellowknife Access Point

     The YellowAP is a high-performance Access Point configuration designed by Yellowknife Wireless and manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks. It is designed for indoor use, and is often used when covering a large premises. It may also be able to penetrate obstructions which others cannot. This is done using a combination of high RF output power (nearly the highest power allowed by the FCC rules!) and a high-sensitivity RF receiver. For these reasons, special care must be taken when configuring and using this device. WPS is not supported.

Connecting to YKAP

Use the following to connect to the AP
Network Name(SSID):
Default Password: motopolo


If you need to manage this device, you must use the Ubiquiti Discovery Utility Windows or Mac to discover the IP address assigned to it. If the device is plugged into a network with no DHCP server, it will revert to a default IP address of If this happens, you must configure your computer with a IP address in order to access the YellowAP. When you are done, remove the IP address from your computer and re-enable DHCP.

YellowAP management default username: ubnt
YellowAP management default password: motopolo


Signal Strength

You should not attempt to use the YellowAP in combination with a wireless device that is less than 3 feet away from the YellowAP. When the YellowAP and a client device are too close, the wireless signal is too strong to be decoded properly. The result is erratic, slow performance, or no connectivity at all.

Still Need Help?

If you have any questions about your YellowAP, or wish for Yellowknife technicians to perform remote management of your YellowAP, do not hesitate to call Yellowknife technical support at (541)385-0111, or e-mail to We provide support during business hours (8AM-5PM, Mon-Fri).