Router Support

Get the right help for the right router

Routers We Sell

  • Tp-Link 841ND $35
  • TP-Link 1043N $70
  • YK AP(highest powered) $150

Administer Your Router

  • TL-841ND/TL-1043N
    • See Here
    • PLEASE NOTE: If administrator credantials are changed, Yellowknife can no longer access routers configuration pages.
  • YK AP(access point)

Router Support

Routers not purchased at YKWC are generally not supported. We can provide limited support such as: default IP information, basic troubleshooting and of course, the option to bring it in to our office.

Your Router

Your router (either from YK or not) is susceptible to interference from various sources see here. There are issues that arise from the hardware/software itself. Here are some things we look at in the office when addressing your router:

  • Firmware version
  • Antenna integrity
  • Power Supply
  • Configured Settings
  • Wireless Strength/throughput