Important Announcements and Developments from YKWC

May 01, 2015 / by ykwc staff

Bandwidth Policy

Click Here for suggestions on controlling your usage
To see possible uses for your bandwidth Click Here

If limits are exceeded overages will be billed at $.60/GB.

We are dedicated to maintaining the best possible experience for all of our customers. Yellowknife keeps pace with new technologies and innovations on a continuous basis. We aggressively upgrade and expand our network architecture in an effort to enhance end user experience. This is why we have chosen to implement new policy to ensure network equality. The following explains the necessity behind our bandwidth policy:

One high bandwidth user can literally consume 30 times more bandwidth than an average user, essentially appropriating internet speed from the many. Recent Internet applications (primarily streaming video, such as Netflix) have raised bandwidth usage dramatically.

To use less bandwidth, consider how many High Bandwidth applications you use in a given month:

High Bandwidth Applications
  • High Definition Streaming video (Hulu, Netflix)
  • File transfer (FTP, Cloud Storage)
  • P2P file sharing (Torrent, LimeWire)

Please be aware that there may be activity on your computers or your local network which uses bandwidth unnecessarily.

Unintended High Bandwidth Applications
  • Unencrypted wireless routers (Neighbors or other unintended network users)
  • Viruses

To help manage your usage, Yellowknife has a secured portal, updated daily, which you can use to monitor your own bandwidth usage. Click Here for Bandwidth Request. Yellowknife technical support is available to answer questions and help you manage usage. Call us anytime on Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. We can help you to lower your bandwidth usage and identify excessive bandwidth usage and are happy to serve you and work with you to make this transition effortless.