Important Announcements and Developments from YKWC

June 16, 2017 / by Derek

Welcome to the Network

We are excited to announce that Yellowknife has gone further east!

We are now able to deliver the very same speeds that people in town are receiving all the way out to Millican, Brothers and even Hampton. Not to mention service for everyone in between! Our recent acquisition of tower space on Pine Mountain has allowed us to do this. Again, we’ve been very excited for this opportunity. Once we secured the space and installed equipment, the time came to make some connections and get some customers out there. On an exploratory mission to the area, two of the Yellowknife staff was shocked to learn that this area had several community members who desperately needed high speed internet…and they’ve needed it for a long time!

If you are in the area and are interested in high speed internet should call our office at 541-385-0111.