Important Announcements and Developments from YKWC

February 23, 2017 / by Derek

March Madness Referral Program

We Must Be Mad!!!

  + A free month AND free bandwidth? Our crazy boss told us to start giving away 300 gigs of bandwidth!! What is he thinking? We stopped asking questions when we looked at it this way…His loss, YOUR GAIN! Get some free bandwidth and a free month! Send us your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your Mother-in-law, anyone who wants fast high-speed Internet! Rural users? Get with the BEST!!      + Not only do we have the fastest network in rural Central Oregon, we are the only company that provide true high-speed service to many of the rural communities here. It’s not satellite! We support video streaming, gaming, voice, everything that barely works on DSL or satellite works VERY WELL on YELLOWKNIFE!

*Bandwidth is alloted immediately but the credit will be issued after the referee stays in contract for 3 months.

Please call 385-0111 with any referals or questions.