YKWC Covid-19 Response

Keeping our staff and customers safe

Yellowknife Wireless COVID-19 Response:

Just like you, we’re concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are here to support our customers and the community. We’ll continue to provide new internet services so you can advance forward during this rapidly evolving situation. Below we are outlining the steps we have taken to protect both the community and our employees.


Our company enacted a new type of install to combat the spread of COVID-19, we call it the 0-touch install. Detailed below are the changes we have made for installing Yellowknife internet service.

  1. Yellowknife will drill from outside unless customer opts to drill their own hole on their desired exterior wall for our cable to be handed off to (preferred). Please keep in mind this hole must be 5/8” in order to pass the cable with an end on it through the wall. We have wall grommets on both sides to finish and plug the hole.
  2. YK will provide a weatherproof outdoor telecommunications enclosure to house the necessary equipment on the outside of the home. (see pic 1, pic 2 )
  3. To get the signal in the home, we are combining everything in the outdoor box including the WAP (wireless access point) or router. Call our office for pricing on these options 541-385-0111

    1. Nanostation (WAP):This high powered device has the capability to provide powerful directional Wi-Fi. These can be supported remotely by YK staff.
    2. Aircube: This centrally managed router comes in two models. The AC (dual band) and the ISP. This is the best option for tech support
    3. Mesh System: Amplifi Instant and Amplifi HD provide wireless units in the house. These must be purchased and installed by the customer. YK techs can and will assist you with the process over the phone to avoid our installers going in the house. This router is only manageable from a cell phone app meaning YK techs cannot remotely support. Check here for help with these units https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us
  4. One wireless device can be rented ($5/month) for the duration of the “stay home, save lives” order. Additional wireless equipment must be purchased.
  5. Contracts can be filled/signed/returned prior to install in most cases. Our office staff will help determine which option works best for each situation, just call 541-385-0111. The following are some of the options:
    1. Snail mail delivery
    2. Scan and email
    3. Fax
    4. Adobe E-sign


We have also taken several precautions with the techs who perform the install. This includes the following:

  1. Wearing masks
  2. Wearing gloves, new pair each job
  3. Hand sanitizer applied when hand washing not available
  4. Tools are wiped with sanitary wipes after each job


As our office is now closed, that eliminates the possibility for delivering payments to the office in person. Here are the acceptable payment delivery options:

  1. Snail Mail
  2. Call in a payment (auto-pay, ACH, debit/credit)
  3. Drop payment in our mailbox
  4. Payment portal on ykwc.com (call 541-385-0111 to set up)

Tech Support:

With the office closed, we can no longer see equipment in person (this pains us as we love to help), making remote support the obvious options. Below are some of the ways we can still help:

  1. Phone call
  2. Text/email photos (speak to tech first for arrangements)
  3. Yellowknife Support online http://www.ykwc.com/support.html
  4. TeamViewer Support https://get.teamviewer.com/ykwctv
  5. After hours still available 541-385-0111 and select option to report outage