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Online Activity 50GB 100GB 200GB
Regular Browsing (Webmail, Webpages) 16,750 Pages 33,500 Pages 67,000 Pages
Social Media Sites (Facebook, Flickr ) 5,000 Hours 10,000 Hours 20,000 Hours
Youtube and Vimeo 167 Clips(10min each) 334 Clips(10min each) 668 Clips(10min each)
Audio Streaming (Pandora, iTunes Radio) 235.5 Hours 417 Hours 834 Hours
Online Gaming 1,980 Hours 3,960 Hours 7,920 Hours
HD Video Streaming (Hulu+, Netflix) 17 Hours 35 Hours 70 Hours
SD Video Streaming 70 Hours 140 Hours 280 Hours
HD Movie Downloads(iTunes, Amazon) 12-15 Movies 25-30 Movies 50-60 Movies
SD Movie Downloads 33 Movies 66 Movies 100 Movies
MP3 Downloads 4,417 Songs 8,834 Songs 17,668 Songs
Online Phone Calls 1,440 Hours 2,880 Hours 5,760 Hours